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In February 2009 , Dependable Hood & Duct was formed. Having been passionate in his former entrepreneurial endeavors, Steve, while watching his own commercial kitchen exhaust system being cleaned, realized that this type of service business would be the avenue of his next endeavor. Steve discussed with Rich, his brother-in-law, the possibility of starting their own kitchen exhaust cleaning and inspection company. We converted Rich’s family van into a well-equipped kitchen exhaust cleaning van. By 2011 we realized that the work demanded a three-man crew to consistently adhere to the NFPA 96 Fire Code Standard. In December 2012, we bought our first Mercedes sprinter van to accommodate our three-man crew and to house our state-of-the-art equipment. Our company grew steadily with national account management companies and local businesses.


Our Cleaning Services

Dependable Hood & Duct is a commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaner, NFPA 96 Fire Code Inspection service provider, and Consultant. We are a commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning company that goes beyond the industry standard.

Hood Cleaning

We provide our customers with a complete top to bottom, hood system cleaning service with a work ethic and honesty that is unsurpassed. We use state-of-the-art, custom-designed equipment.

Filter Cleaning - Filter Exchange

NFPA 96 Fire Code Standard compliant (frequent and consistent) filter cleaning continues to be difficult or impossible for commercial kitchen mangers to accomplish. Industry history shows that this #1 fire hazard and liability needs to be brought under control.

Horizontal and Vertical Ductwork

The majority of our new customers have system ductwork that is extremely neglected with heavy grease build-up. Dependable Hood & Duct has a proven, systematic method of correcting neglected systems and bringing them up to NFPA 96 Fire Code Standard compliance.

Solid Fuel System Brushing/Chimney Sweeping, Cleaning

The NFPA 96 Fire Code Standard requires specific handling of “solid fuel” systems due to the increased amounts of combustibles exhausted through these systems. We provide NFPA 96 Fire Code Standard compliant services for these high-liability systems, which includes a minimum frequency of 30 days!

Exhaust Fan Cleaning

We clean and/or inspect the entire kitchen exhaust system including: Rooftop, Wall-Mounted, and Inline fans to ensure compliance with NFPA 96 Fire Code Standard.

Compliancy and Deficiency Corrections

Code compliant frequency evaluation and implementation including, hood operation corrections (such as light globes, grease cups, and filter replacement), strategic access panel placement and installation, installation of fan access panels and hinge kits, and periodic fan belt adjustment and bearing greasing.

Grease Containment

We provide an extensive grease containment service, including installation and maintenance of exhaust fan grease collection devices and filter media/grease pillows for rooftop and wall-mounted fans. We also design and install custom grease containment systems.


NFPA 96 Fire Code certifications & cleaning standards are just the beginning of our mission toward excellence.

We provide a commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning service that goes beyond the industry standard.

Dependable Hood & Duct Cleaning Company is a commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaner and NFPA 96 Fire Code Inspection service provider and consultant.
We provide a commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning service that goes beyond the industry standard. We thrive on being able to offer a top-notch service to our customers.

Dependable Hood has been servicing customers since April of 2009 and has become one of the premier service providers for New England restaurateurs, health & medical facilities, retirement communities, schools, universities, corporate cafeterias, and municipalities.

Dependable Hood services Southern Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Eastern Vermont.

Dependable Hood is currently one of the only companies servicing with three-man crews. Each of our Sprinter vans is equipped with three industrial power washers and state of the art tools designed specifically for the Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning industry; such as Magnetic Duct Scrapers, duct spinners and custom In House fabricated tools. We are also a full-service company that installs and corrects fire code deficiencies; such as, ductwork Access Panels, Fan Hinge Kits, Fan Access Ports, rooftop & wall mounted Grease Containment systems, as well as, hood baffle filter exchange programs with FilterShine New England.

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Free survey/inspection estimates are provided within 60 miles of Manchester New Hampshire. Outside of 60 miles is at our discretion or over the phone with customer provided pictures and information.